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From The Kitchen to the Dominican 2012


In 2008 when we started going to the Dominican Republic for a mission trip, I have to admit it was more to just “get away” then anything. I looked forward to it as a week away with Justin on a tropical island, escaping the every day stuff at home, and yes getting to play with some cute kids there and help out a little.  Wow, did God ever ROCK my world. Within the past three years after going there the first time,  not only could I not wait to get my arms around those children this past December, but I felt like they were my own children, and the hurt I felt when I had to leave them this time to travel home was almost unbearable.
While we were there we did everything from fix up their baseball field that we helped make for them a few years ago, to repainting the building and serving lunch to over 1000 people from the community. I brought two of my friends this year with me from Indianapolis, who help me seal and package cookies, and they made this trip even more incredible. They  felt the LORD calling us to take food to the homes (shacks) and just completely lose ourselves and our own schedules or plans,  and love on these people of the community and literally be the hands and feet of Christ. You could see the look of complete thankfulness and joy fill these peoples eyes and hearts when we showed up with a measly bag of rice and some beans and boxed pasta. They were shocked and overwhelmed to say the least. Most hadn’t eaten for at least a day or two, and didn’t know where their next meal would be coming from. To see what $20 could get these families from the grocery stores there was incredible. My friends and I would get a ride to the grocery store each night and just FILL our carts with bags and bags of rice beans and pasta, and each day after we were done at the project each day we would follow the kids to their house so they could show us where they lived, and drop off food to them and the neighbors around them. The amazing thing to me was that these kids were SO proud of their “homes”, which to you or me looks just like a few tin walls leaning together with a blanket or wool slab over the top for shelter and dirt floors. LIFE CHANGING stuff, for them and for US.

photo taken by: Todd J Layman

photo taken by: Todd J Layman

While we were there this year I felt the lord calling us to sponsor all of the remaining children in the project who needed sponsoring. Being “sponsored” means that the child is guaranteed two meals a week, clothing and education. It is $34.00 a month most of us here in the U.S won’t miss, that promises this child some love and care they would never otherwise receive. I could not stand that fact that some of these kids would not get sponsored and have to be CUT from the program. God sure has blessed Justin and me, and we are to be good stewards with HIS money.  Our mission is to do one thing and one thing only with it, to further HIS kingdom by showing his love to these children and trying to change the life cycle of poverty. So every one of your cookie orders donates all the profits to this organization we go through called One Child Matters.  YOU are helping to make a huge difference in the lives of these children. We have some exciting new partnerships that we are forming now with other organizations doing amazing things. To keep up to date on all we are doing, make sure you stay informed by signing up on our home page with our Email Newsletter.

The Lord Says, ““And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward.” — Matthew 10:42

And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me. ”
— Matthew 18:5  MAY GOD BLESS YOU


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